Extending the Useful Life of a Built-in Patient Monitoring System

The Challenge
A hospital’s intensive care unit monitored patients with ceiling mounted video cameras. The cameras were built in, and although they still did the job, they communicated via RS-485 connections. The hospital didn’t want to tear them out and replace them if it was unnecessary, but it’s getting harder and harder to find new computers with serial ports. New computers do, however, have USB ports. The hospital wanted an RS-485 to USB converter with medical-grade specifications that would let them keep using their existing surveillance cameras, even when they upgraded their computers.

The Solution
B+B solved the problem with custom-built, inline RS-485 to USB converters with a small form factor. They would fit virtually anywhere, which is important in crowded hospital work stations and medical carts. And they had the medical-grade specifications required for the application at hand. The custom RS-485 to USB converters made the necessary protocol conversion while simultaneously protecting the hospital’s investment in the built-in surveillance system.