How LTE Routers Help Protect Customer Data and Interactions when Using ATMs, Kiosks

The Challenge

An ATM machine will let you withdraw money from your bank account. Vending machines sell everything from food to tickets for public transportation. Machines sell gasoline and collect highway tolls.

These machines need reliable data communication connections to function, and if there’s money inside and/or the transfer of sensitive information, they’re targets for criminal activity. The money inside an ATM machine isn’t its only security risk. The data that travels back and forth between the central bank and the remote ATM is valuable, too. LTE routers support robust security protocols. Examples include the following: firewalls, IPSec (DES, 3DES, AES128, AES192, AES256, MD5, SHA1, DH2, DH5, pre-shared key, X.509), Open VPN (Compression – LZO, NAT Rules, Redirect Gateway, pre-shared secret, username / password, X.509), L2TP, GRE, GRE + IPSec . If he or she doesn’t mind appearing on video, a criminal can break into an ATM and collect the cash. But they will have a much harder time breaking into the data stream.

In the rapidly changing world of retail, ATMs, kiosks, digital signs and other distributed media devices must be reliable for positive customer service interactions. Without this, brands and businesses suffer.

The Solution

LTE routers from B+B SmartWorx can protect critical data, simplify connections in the field and offer positive customer interactions. Our SmartStart and SmartFlex routers support the logging, authentication and network segmentation required to satisfy PCI compliance. The SmartStart LTE Router also has real-time data encryption and the creation of VPN tunnels using IPsec, OpenVPN and L2TP.

Additionally, since LTE routers don’t need a wired connection, they can be positioned anywhere there’s cellular service. They also provide the needed bandwidth for applications, such as security cameras, which are useful features in machines that invite tampering


  • Monitoring of vending and dispensing machines
  • Parking ticket machines, highway toll machines
  • Self-service gas stations
  • Information kiosks

LTE Technology for retail security