Building Robust and Reliable Network Infrastructure for a Busy Airport

The Challenge

DIA required structured cabling infrastructure covering the entire airport to accommodate the high number of IP devices that needed to be installed for passenger information systems, digital signage, security surveillance, and Wi-Fi. Thus, a long-distance network was needed.

System Requirements

  • Copper cabling was not a viable option because it would require an equipment room to be installed every 60~90 m. Therefore, fiber cabling infrastructure was adopted, with over 2,000 point-to-point fiber links installed.
  • Due to spatial limitations, media converters installed at the endpoints had to be compact yet highly reliable. Media converters with PoE were adopted to provide a power source for end devices.
  • To optimize the utilization of space in the equipment rooms, power trays, which were to accommodate fiber­–copper media converters, had to be compact in design and provide centralized power inputs.

The Solution

  • IE-PowerTray/18-AC units were installed in each equipment room. These were employed to accommodate the media converters with a centralized AC power source.
  • At the end points, standalone converters were adopted to provide flexibility for connecting any IP device. PoE+ Giga MiniMc media converters were the ideal choice for powering PoE cameras.
  • IE Giga MiniMc modules were used to connect the ticket machines in the airport parking areas, where an extended operating temperature range was an essential requirement.

The diversity and advanced features of Advantech B+B SmartWorx’s media converter offerings made it possible for DIA to find products that were suitable for their various requirements. Furthermore, the airport was able to rely on Advantech’s extensive industrial networking experience and knowledge to successfully build robust and reliable network infrastructure for the world’s busiest airport.




IE-PowerTray (P/N: BB-850-13086): 18-slot AC power Module Chassis support Fast Ethernet and Giga Ethernet , Hot-Swappable

MiniMc (P/N: BB-855-11623 MM1300-SC): 10/100 Base-TX twisted pair port Mini Switching Media Converter with LFPT, Multi-Mode, SC connector

Giga MiniMc (P/N: BB-856-10731 LX-SM1310-SC): Giga Switching Media Converter with LFPT , Signal Mode , SC connector

IE-Giga MiniMc (P/N: BB-856-18931 SM1310-SC): Industrial Grade Wide Temperature Giga Miniature Media Converter Signal Mode, SC connector

PoE+ Giga MiniMc (P/N: BB-857-11914 SM1310-SC): PoE+ Giga-MiniMc with LFPT, support Jumbo Frames, Signal Mode, SC connector