B+B SmartWorx’s CEO Jerry O’Gorman Discusses Intelligent IoT Systems at IoT World Forum and Total Telecom Events in London

Explains concept of SWARM intelligence, where unintelligent devices accomplish sophisticated tasks by following simple rule sets and working in groups.

Ottawa, IL – November 24, 2014 – B+B SmartWorx, a developer of mission-critical network connectivity solutions, announced that its CEO, Jerry O’Gorman, is a featured speaker at the Internet of Things (IoT) World Forum, taking place in London on November 25 and 26. O’Gorman will speak at 2:00pm November 25 on “The Promise of SWARM Intelligence: Distributed Intelligence at the Network Edge.

“Machines have been talking to machines for decades, but IoT technologies have inserted more intelligence – and more complexity – into the conversation,” said O’Gorman. He will discuss methods for efficiently, reliably operating wireless sensor networks (WSNs) in remote, demanding IoT environments, including deploying intelligence at the network edge, SWARM intelligenceTM, power management techniques and self-forming, self-healing, self-sustaining and scalable wireless mesh network technology.

O’Gorman gave this analogy to explain SWARM intelligence. Consider how ants, bees and termites behave. Complicated nests are built, food is collected and stored, enemies are fended off, and the queen is protected, all by creatures that have virtually no individual intelligence. By following their simple rule sets, their collective behavior adds up to intelligence. “Translating this concept to robotics, computing or WSNs, expendable, not very intelligent devices could accomplish sophisticated tasks by following simple rule sets and working in groups,” explained O’Gorman.

Mr. O’Gorman was also tapped to participate on a panel, “Establishing an IoT strategy for telecom operators,” at Total Telecom Festival’s IoT Awards event taking place December 2 and 3 in London. Moderated by Machina Research’s Director Matt Hatton, the panel, including fellow panelists from Tweakker and Eurotech, will be at 14:15 on December 2.