Installing IP Cameras More Than 100 Meters from the Closest Network

The Challenge:

Many applications require the installation of IP Cameras that are more than 100 meters away from the closest networked Ethernet switch.

How can this be accomplished?

The Solution:

Ethernet extenders make it is possible to extend Ethernet signals as far as 1,200 meters over UTP –24AWG copper wire or up to 2,000 meters over coaxial cable, such as RG58. It’s simple to install an Ethernet extender to both the local (switch) end of the system and the remote (camera) end of the system. Extenders convert the Ethernet signals on both ends to VDSL2 technology.

While Ethernet has a physical limit of 100 meters, the VDSL2 extenders allow for much longer distances. Ethernet extenders create a bridge for the Ethernet traffic that allows two or more Ethernet devices to be connected at distances greater than 100 meters.

What about an IP Cameras powered by PoE? There are options for that, too. The concept is the same: extension over copper or coaxial cable; however with the right Ethernet extender, PoE devices can receive their power directly from the extender. There is also an option for the Master Extender to power the Remote Extender via Power over VDSL (PoVDSL).

The Product:







Power Inputs

12VDC (2.1 mm Jack) 12 to 48VDC (Terminal Block Redundant) 48 to 57VDC (Terminal Block Redundant) 48 to 57VDC (Terminal Block Redundant)


0° to 45° C ̶ 45° to 75° C ̶ 45° to 75° C ̶ 45° to 75° C

VDSL Cable Type

UTP UTP or Coaxial UTP or Coaxial UTP or Coaxial

PoE Capable

No No Can Provide Power to Remote Unit and 30W Max to Remote Devices 30 Max When Powered by Master, 120 W Max (30W max/port) When Powered Locally

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