Extending Ethernet to a Parking Lot Gate House Without Disturbing the Structure

The Challenge:

How can we extend Ethernet to a parking lot gate house without digging up asphalt or concrete?

The Solution:

The best option is to take advantage of existing wires or cables. In many cases, the gate house will already be connected via copper phone lines used for a telephone connection, or possibly by a coaxial cable used for a camera connection. With Ethernet extenders there is no need to install new cables, which are not only time consuming but also costly to install. By adding a pair of Ethernet extenders—one in the building near a networked Ethernet switch and existing copper wire or coaxial cable, and one in the gate house—you can created a bridge for the Ethernet signals.

It’s possible to extend the Ethernet signal as far as 1,200 meters over copper wire, or up to 2,000 meters over coaxial cable. By doing this, you have extended your Ethernet network to your gate house. With the newly-established connection, you can get real-time feedback from the gate house.

The Product:





Power Inputs

12VDC (2.1 mm Jack) 12 to 48VDC (Terminal Block) Redundant


0° to 45° C ̶ 45° to 75° C

VDSL Cable Type

UTP UTP or Coaxial

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