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Mike’s been writing his politically incorrect observations on life and technology, road trips and gadgets for over a decade. If you enjoy a wry outlook on life and work,  subscribe to Mike's eConnections monthly newsletter.

Written by our tech support staff, this includes cool applications, common questions, and simple solutions to installation problems. You’ll also see links to the most popular Knowledgebase articles. No product pitch – just useful information you can put to work.

The Industrial Internet of Things is blowing open the potential for improved asset performance, new analytics driven business models and fundamental changes in how our machine world communicates. Concept is great, but many people struggle with translating the promise into reality. How do you wade through the dizzying array of possibilities, fragmented offerings, and over-enthusiastic hype to find your own “aha moment”? How do you envision the potential of your new machine world? We help peel back the layers of complexity, simplify your connectivity stack, and bring you into the Industrial Internet of Things with practical, real world conversations.