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As I write this I’m cruising at 32,000 feet and sharing a Wi-Fi Internet connection with 168 other passengers. I don’t know how many handheld wireless devices we’ve got between us but, the Candy Crush addict sitting next to me has already switched between a laptop, a Nexus 7 and a smartphone. A while ago he was kind enough to inform me that he gets five new lives each time he changes devices, which means that he doesn’t have to wait 30 minutes, beg friends for lives on Facebook or pay for......

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Mike FahrionFor almost 15 years, Mike Fahrion has been sharing his unique perspective on life, liberty and the pursuit of anything and everything of interest to an engineer. A master of M2M device connectivity, Mike has an insatiable curiosity in how everything is connected;  people and places, machines and man, politicians and reality. He loves left field (he spends a lot of time there) – but you’ll find him funny, irreverent, thought provoking and always connected.

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