SE300 Series Switches

Why pay for additional features if they are irrelevant to your application?  SE300 Series smart switches deliver basic management capabilities at a fraction of the cost of a fully managed switch.

SE300 Series smart switches can be used in two ways.

1. They can be deployed as plug and play unmanaged switches right out of the box.
2. Using iView2 SNMP Management Software gives them basic management capabilities as well.

The switches support Modbus/TCP to communicate with SCADA software and SNMP to communicate with NMS (Networking Management System) at the same time. This gives full read control to both control engineers and IT.

Bridging the Gap Between Unmanaged and Managed Switches

Our industrial grade SE300 series switches can be used as plug and play, unmanaged switches right out of the box. Installing our eWorx Utility gives them basic management capabilities as well. They bridge the gap between unmanaged switches and the significantly more expensive fully managed solutions.

Models in this series support either 10/100Mbps or 10/100/1000Mps speeds.  They are IP30 rated, they have wide temperature (-40 to 75°C) specifications, they support redundant power inputs (12 to 48 VDC), they provide EMS Level 3 protection, and their safety certifications include Class 1 Div 2 and ATEX.  They also support the Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) standard, automatically adjusting power consumption by detecting the link status and cable length.  This combination of ruggedized features and energy efficiency makes them an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications.

When enabled with iView2, these switches provide IP address assignment, allowing for a static IP address or an address that is discoverable via DHCP in the network. Then, these switches have the ability to use Modbus/TCP to communicate with HMI/SCADA software and SNMP to communicate with NMS (Networking Management Software) at the same time. This gives full access control to both control engineers and IT managers.

Why choose eWorx SE300 Series Ethernet Switches?

SE300 switches provide SNMP and Modbus/TCP management capabilities.

  • IEEE 802.1p QoS (Zero Touch)
  • Jumbo frame support — 9,216 bytes
  • Free Management Tool – IView2
  • Loop Detection
  • Full Gigabit with PoE/PoE+ options
  • Fully Compatible with the Most Popular SCADA/HMI Software
  • IP address assignment via DHCP or static
  • Wide Temp design, -40 to 75ºC
  • MTBF: Over 590 years
  • Radiated/Conducted noise protection, EMC Level 3
  • System Information
  • Device Status/IP Address
  • Port Information
  • Port Status/Port Speed
  • Packet Information
  • Tx/Rx Error Packetso.
  • Overload current protection
  • Power-fail Relay
  • eWorx Switches cut power usage by up to 60%, reducing total cost of ownership
  • Automatically powers down ports that have no link
  • Budgets power output for different Ethernet cable lengths.
  • 5 Ports, up to 18 Ports
  • 10/100Mbps & Gigabit models
  • Fiber module options (M.M, S.M)
  • Fiber connector options (SC,LC,ST)
  • IECEx (pending)
  • UL508
  • Class I, Division 2 Group A,B,C, D
  • ATEX Zone 2 (pending)
  • IEEE802.3af/at compliant
  • Each port, up to 30 W
  • PoE power budget, Max. 60 W
  • Smart PoE management

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Add Basic Monitoring and Management Capabilities with iView2 Software

iView2 gives network managers the ability to monitor and manage eWorx SE300 series switches from a central location. It features an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) that provides a real-life representation of all installed eWorx SE300 Series switches, displaying device functions, port settings, device status information and traffic statistics via SNMP.

iView2 can also configure eWorx SE300 series switches monitoring capabilities for automation applications via the popular Modbus TCP/IP protocol. Control engineers can use existing HMI/SCADA software to integrate the network status by creating extra tags for real-time monitoring. iView2 is a standalone software that supports multiple platforms and operating systems.

iView2 Features for eWorx SE300 series Switches Monitoring:
• System information (IP/MAC address)
• Port status
• Port speed
• Flow control
• Link up counter
• TX packets counter, RX packets counter
• TX error packets counter, RX error packets counter
• Firmware version
• PoE status (PoE model/s only)

• Configure IP mode
• Set IP address
• Set TCP Modbus/TCP time-out
• Create Community Strings
• Configure Traps