Ethernet Switches, Routers and Extenders

Industrial Ethernet infrastructures demand rugged resilience and seamless security. Whether an industrial automation factory network or a mission critical digital highway for intelligent transportation systems, performance is defined by reliability, ease of deployment and comprehensive management tools.

B+B SmartWorx offers intelligent managed switches, layer 3 switches, industrial protocol switches, PoE, EN50155 as well as monitored switches, unmanaged switches, wired Ethernet routers and network extenders for reliable edge-to-core architectures.

Network-wide integration is easy with our IXM one-touch deployment software, saving you up to 90% of the typical deployment time. Comprehensive network visualization and management is provided by WebAccess NMS. It is designed with SNMP and ICMP communication standards for managing all B+B SmartWorx and Advantech Ethernet-enabled products as well as third-parties’ devices. WebAccess/NMS brings users an easy-to-use web platform that enables industrial grade centralized networking management.

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Managed Ethernet Switches

In addition to providing all the features you’re already looking for in a fully managed switch, such as support for Telnet, IPv4/IPv6, SNMP v1, V2c and v3, VLAN, IGMP snooping, eWorx helps you save a significant amount of time and money compared to other switches on the market with our embedded IXM™ deployment software.

Managed Ethernet Switches
Unmanaged Ethenet Switches

Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

Our unmanaged Ethernet switches come in many shapes and sizes, with many different capabilities. From simple plug-and-play to light managed, all eWorx industrial Ethernet switches include the following benefits: a rugged industrial design, energy-saving capabilities and multiple industry certifications.

Wired Ethernet Routers

The SmartFlex industrial wired Ethernet router connects Ethernet equipment in tough environments where office-grade equipment can’t handle the job. With Ethernet, USB, I/O and auxiliary ports it’s a flexible device with the built-in ability to handle multiple data communications protocols and to fit into virtually any network topology.

Ethernet Extenders from B+B SmartWorx

Ethernet Extenders

B+B SmartWorx Ethernet extenders are cost-effective solutions for extending your Ethernet LAN connections. These simple, reliable and easy-to-configure Ethernet over copper and coaxial cable devices feature wide temperature ranges and have a multitude of applications. Various models offer PoE/PoVDSL combo port options, so users can remotely power high-bandwidth devices without having to sacrifice a power budget. These industrial, long-reach PoE Ethernet over VDSL2 extenders utilize existing copper cabling infrastructure—a twisted pair or coaxial cable—to extend Ethernet up to 2,000 meters.