How to immediately improve your business using the Industrial Internet of Things

Introducing the SmartSwarm 351

Do you have already have automation systems for your factory assets and /or processes? Have you ever thought about what you could do with the information from those systems, especially if it was hooked up in real-time to business savvy employees or enterprise applications such as ERP, MRP, CRM, dashboards, supply chain management, etc?

This is what the Industrial Internet of things is trying to solve. More and more businesses are discovering that the key to making and saving more money is to unlocking the data they already capture from the factory floor, from their machinery and/or running assets linking operations data to IT systems. If they could only get that data to someone that understands the business, in real-time, they could then identify waste or missed opportunity at a significant scale. The result could be minor changes that result in big revenue.

SmartSwarm 351 Modbus IoT Gateway

Data Matters: It was over 10 years ago that fleet managers discovered they could connect the OBD2 port in their service vehicles to their remote monitoring systems using a simple cellular style device. What they discovered is that their vehicles were left idling over 60% of the time, and with that piece of data they were able to change the way field technicians used their vehicles, significantly extending the vehicle’s lifetime value and saving a significant amount of money on fuel in the process.

This kind of real-time connectivity has existed for a long time, but those factory floor monitoring systems have always been closed (i.e. SCADA systems like MODBUS RTU), making it very difficult to get them to talk to anything outside without significant interruption (engineering time), disruption (stopping a system), and modification (reconfiguring an entire system):

  • Sometimes automation systems can be configured or designed to transmit data in their native languages (such as MODBUS) to outside systems, but even then the data is in a cryptic, difficult to understand format.
  • Or in other cases it takes significant modifications or an entire system re-design, which at best is a line item in next year’s budget.

So ultimately it comes down to this question:

How can I easily get data from my operations, securely, in real-time, in a way that business savvy employees can understand it and use it to meet growing compliance and regulatory requirements, reduce my operating costs and ultimately grow my business?

This is why we developed the SmartSwarm 351.

A physical device that gets the data you need without getting in the way

Unlike the devices that require a rip and re-install on the factory floor, the SmartSwarm 351 simply listens in to your existing automation systems and translates what’s meaningful to the right part of the business without interrupting business-as-usual for your engineers. This allows the right people to see what they couldn’t see before, identifying waste and opportunities in ways that operations managers and engineers can’t.

Like putting a sign-language translator on stage at a keynote, it is silent, doesn’t interrupt the speaker but makes the message readily available to those that have trouble hearing/understanding the language of the original speaker.

SmartSwarm Connection

It just works with minimal set up and interruption

Through a simple web interface, you can configure the SmartSwarm 351 to translate that cryptic SCADA data to a descriptive format easily consumed by your business applications.


Connect the SmartSwarm 351 into the operation system’s master controlling device and then your greater business network. The master operations device won’t know it’s there and is not affected by it.



Identify the data you want from the real-time working assets and the existing system that monitors them.

Foundry workers near red-hot steel


Do a one-time upload of data definitions from the existing system’s documentation so real-time data gets translated automatically.



Define meaningful data events so your team only gets the data it needs to make better business decisions.

Foundry workers near red-hot steel


Utilize the new visibility to identify process deficiencies, decrease costs, reduce downtime and grow your bottom line.


Providing you full access to only the data you want or need

Our SmartSwarm 351 offers a variety of filters to help control the flow of data to your enterprise software on an event-driven basis, limiting the possibility of excessive data overload and resource cost on the IT side.

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It provides a secure connection and will work in some of the toughest environments

To ensure both security and privacy, the SmartSwarm 351 addresses all of this by wrapping layers of authentication and encryption around your published data to ensure security when it is transmitted off the factory floor via potentially interceptable links. It also inherently offers features for firewalling, unit identification and VPN tunneling.

In addition, it is built to mount, power-up, and operate in the native environments where the data is collected unlike taking a typical IT device and expecting it to operate consistently on the plant floor.

Foundry workers near red-hot steel

It’s proven with real use cases with meaningful results

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