Ethernet Serial Servers

Ethernet Serial Servers

Ethernet serial servers facilitate network integration with protocols like RS232/422/485 and Modbus. Some provide connections for just a single device. Others can connect multiple devices, or even multiple devices that are using different data communications protocols. No Ethernet serial server is the most appropriate or the most cost effective for every imaginable application.

Serial servers with Power over Ethernet (PoE) not only let serial devices communicate across networks, they will power them as well. This eliminates clutter created by power supplies and cables, and will also let serial devices operate in locations where there is no easy access to power outlets.

Modbus Gateways
Like serial RS-232/422/485, Modbus remains a very popular and very useful data communications protocol. As with serial, the Modbus protocol can be converted for Ethernet use.

Serial Conversion

In The Field

Smart IoT Technologies for Adaptive Traffic Management Using a Wireless Mesh Sensor Network

The traffic experts at INRIX report that British drivers spend 30 hours per year in traffic jams. For German drivers it’s 35 hours. In the USA, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency says that 30 percent of the city’s traffic congestion is caused by drivers looking for a place to park. And the Texas Transportation Institute estimates the annual cost of traffic congestion in the United States alone adds up to $87.2 billion in wasted fuel and lost productivity. Much of this congestion could be addressed with smart Internet of Things technologies that already exist.

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