Conel Modular Routers

Conel Modular Routers

Conel modular routers can be configured for any conceivable cellular data networking application. The Conel Bivias v2 router, for example, contains two completely independent communication modules, allowing it to make use of the infrastructure of two cellular service providers at the same time. The user, of course, defines which module will serve as the main connection and which will serve as the backup. Like the Spectre series, Conel routers provide a full range of connectivity options, connecting both LANs and individual devices using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Modbus, RS-232/422/485 and IoT protocols.

Conel LR77 v2 Libratum Router


As a standard, this exceptionally fast LTE LR77v2 Libratum wireless router is equipped with two Ethernet 10/100 ports and two SIM cards. Two SIM cards backup communication in mobile operator network or networks and provide failover to each other. WiFi extension available on demand. Configuration is done via web interface protected by a password. The LTE router supports the creation of VPN tunnels using technologies IPsec, OpenVPN and L2TP to assure safe communication. The web interface provides detail statistics about the 3G router activities, signal strength, detailed log, etc. The cellular router supports the following functions: DHCP, NAT, NAT-T, DynDNS, NTP, VRRP, control by SMS and many other functions.

Other diagnostic functions ensuring continuous communication include automatic inspection of PPP connection offering an automatic restart feature – in the case of connection losses, or a hardware watchdog which monitors the status of the router. With the help of a special window (start up script window) you may insert Linux scripts for various actions.

For some applications the key option is to create several different configurations for one LTE wireless router, the so-called profiles (maximum of 4), and the option to switch among them (for example via SMS, etc.) is essential. Cellular wireless routers may automatically upgrade configuration and firmware from the server. This allows for a mass reconfiguration of many routers in one time.

Spectre™ V3 Router

Spectre V3


The Spectre V3 router will be the next step in the evolution of the Spectre router family. With enhanced CPU power and more RAM, it will be able to move even more intelligent decision making out to the network edge, reducing data traffic and preserving data plans. With PoE+ ports, it will be able to serve as the power source for connected Ethernet devices. Like the other full-featured members of the Spectre family, the Spectre V3 will connect both LANs and individual devices using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Modbus, Rs-232/422/485 and IoT protocols.

Key Features

  • The SPECTRE V3 increases flexibility through a broad range of power inputs.
  • Enhanced, built-in isolation makes the V3 even better equipped for tough industrial applications.
  • The Low Power/Sleep Mode makes the router energy efficient and better equipped for low power applications.
  • The ability to switch over to a backup battery lets the router keep functioning during power outages.
  • An onboard SD card slot means that customers don’t need to make complicated SD card installations on the optional port.
  • Onboard Wi-Fi eliminates the need to make complicated Wi-Fi installations on the optional port.
  • A more powerful CPU provides bigger throughput and faster encryption.
  • More flash memory creates more space for customer user modules and applications.
  • Additional RAM makes the router faster.
  • M-RAM saves and protects router statistics even if the power supply is switched off.
  • Power Over Ethernet functionality makes the router suitable for a broad range of applications
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