Smart Choices for Cellular Routers & Gateways

Select the router that is right for you

Embedded Intelligence Makes Your Job Easier

Custom Scripts and User Modules for Intelligent Routers
Customize functionality that meets application requirements.

Remote Router Supervision & Mass Network Management
Simultaneously perform firmware upgrades and configuration changes. Easy router networking and monitoring.

Detailed operational information, cellular network details and SNMP diagnostics

Functions & Software Features
Self diagnostics, HW watchdog, automatic failover with multiple SIM cards, SMS, email, remote alerts and resets

Smart Cellular Options

Discover which cellular family is right for your application

NEW SmartStart – Low cost LTE CAT.1 and CAT.4 Routers & Gateways

SmartStart Cellular Routers

Why pay for what you don’t need? Low cost SmartStart routers provide Ethernet, I/0 and RS-232 serial ports and are ideal for basic installations in remote locations.

NEW SmartFlex – Configurable for any application

SmartFlex Cellular Routers

With over a hundred possible configurations – and counting – plus the ability to host up to three software applications.

Need PoE and Wi-Fi! Not a problem. Our options also include User Modules to give the routers custom capabilities and you may also create your own Linux scripts. Dual SIM card holders let you switch between carriers at a moment’s notice.

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R-SeeNet it is a software system used for monitoring the status and functions of B+B routers. It continuously collects information from individual routers in the network and records this information in the SQL database. It then creates a visual form of this information for the user.

SmartWorx Hub

SmartWorx Hub

SmartWorx Hub lets you remotely monitor and manage your devices from any location. It lets you remotely apply simultaneous upgrades or configuration modifications to individual devices or groups of devices. If desired, you could upgrade or reconfigure your entire device population at the same time.