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Need to integrate sensors and I/O?
B+B SmartWorx offers wireless mesh, Wi-Fi and wired I/O

Wzzard Wireless Mesh Sensing Nodes

Wzzard Sensing Nodes are tailor-made for bringing hard-to-reach sensor data into Ignition SCADA and IIoT solutions. Wzzard sensor nodes are battery powered and IP67- and C1D2-rated, making them easy to integrate even in harsh environments. They utilize Smartmesh IP, a self-forming, self-healing wireless mesh protocol that not only provides a highly-reliable and resilient network, but also one that’s easy to install. Wzzard nodes self-populate into Inductive Automation Ignition using the MQTT Engine Module.

Wzzard Intelligent Edge Nodes

WISE-4000 Wireless I/O Modules

The WISE-4000 series has broad adoptability, making it a reliable source of big data that benefits its users in identifying next steps and actions to take. WISE can log up to 10,000 data samples with a time stamp; I/O data can be logged periodically, and when the I/O status changes. Once the memory is full, users can choose to overwrite old data, ring log or stop the log function.

ADAM-6000 Ethernet I/O Modules

The ADAM I/O modules utilize an Ethernet connection to connect sensors and I/O into Ignition. A wide variety of I/O types makes it easy to find an ADAM module for most any application. Modbus TCP protocol support makes integration easy.

Which Sensing Solution is right for your application?

Choose Wzzard when you’ve got a cluster of sensors in one facility or campus and take advantage of its wireless mesh technology.

Choose WISE when you can tie into an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and have access to power for the node.

Choose ADAM when you have easy access to an Ethernet connection and power for the node.

Need to integrate data from PLC & automation networks?

Get the benefits of Ignition Edge running on a pocket-size industrial PC

The UNO is a pocket-sized Smart Factory Edge Gateway and a perfect host for Ignition Edge by Inductive Automation. It’s fan-less and highly ruggedized for business critical and mission critical applications. When running Ignition Edge, the UNO will connect with Modbus TCP, Siemens and Allen Bradley devices, supporting up to 500 tags. Data is seamlessly integrated with Ignition using the MQTT Engine.

Need to add a local HMI?

Choose a Touch Panel Computer compatible with Ignition Edge Panel

The TPC-1551 Series touch panel computer is a state-of-the-art, stable HMI that can connect with Ignition Edge Panel, providing seamless interaction between humans and machines. Ignition Edge Panel enables edge-of-network HMI functionality with Ignition features, including: one local web-launched client, one remote web-launched client and alarming features including one-way email notification.


Every Project needs Rugged Ethernet Switches

Choose a switch that lets you integrate network information into your dashboard

eWorx hardened managed Ethernet switches not only handle networking needs, specific models also report network status over Modbus, Ethernet/IP or Profinet protocols, allowing you to integrate network status and network health information directly into your SCADA system. Increasing realtime network visibility in common Industrial Ethernet Protocols allows you to reduce down-time in the control network.

eWorx Managed series switches also support our innovative IXM™ configuration solution, which lets you configure one switch and synchronize its settings with additional eWorx series switches on your network. IXM dramatically reduces configuration time on medium and large networks.

When a “stranded asset” is really stranded

SmartFlex Cellular RoutersSmartFlex Cellular Gateways bring your remote devices and networks back in reach

The Smartflex cellular gateway is an advanced LTE router that can bridge remote devices and entire networks to your local SCADA system. Wide temperature ratings and a wide range of Ethernet and serial port options make SmartFlex the perfect solution for integrating data from remote locations into your SCADA and IIoT system.

Extend Ignition to the Edge of your network with B+B SmartWorx intelligent devices

Inductive Automation and B+B SmartWorx

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