Product Evaluation Program

B+B SmartWorx knows that getting your hands on the actual product can be a critical part of determining whether it will be the right fit for your application.

We’ve made selected product categories available for you on a 30 day trial basis with the expectation that if it works, you’ll keep it and you’ll be invoiced. If it doesn’t work, we’d appreciate your feedback on a short return questionnaire that we provide to the product’s engineering team.

If you would like to use our equipment evaluation program, you can download the form and email it to your B+B SmartWorx representative, or you can fill it out here.

B+B SmartWorx encourages our customers to test our products before final selection. During the evaluation you will be able to test your applications and get engineering/technical support assistance. We believe this will give you the best possible experience and help you determine whether our products and support will meet or exceed your expectations.

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Policy & Process

1. The approval process should be completed within 24 hours after receipt of a complete application during which you will be contacted by a B+B SmartWorx Representative. When approved, the customer will be notified by the sales team and may place an order with B+B SmartWorx that will be designated as a Product Evaluation order.

2. An approved evaluation request will allow the customer to return the unit(s) within 30 days from the original B+B SmartWorx invoice date without incurring a restocking charge.

3. If more than 30 days are needed for the Evaluation, the customer should advise on the Evaluation Application or ask for an extension before the first 30 days have past so that we will not try to collect the invoice prematurely. Any extension beyond 60 days will incur a 15% restocking fee to cover the cost of inspection, refurbishment, etc.

4. If the unit is to be returned due to an unsuccessful evaluation, the customer should contact their Representative within the approved evaluation period. The Representative will send the appropriate forms via email or fax, along with a questionnaire seeking to know why the unit did not meet the purpose or expectations of the application. This questionnaire must be answered and returned with the other documents to receive the Authorized RMA number and avoid restocking charges.

5. If the appropriate forms are not received within the approved evaluation period, restocking charges fees shall apply to the returned items.

6. Customers are expected to keep equipment that meets the approval or specification desired unless it is noted on the original evaluation request that the evaluation is for a long term project and/or future requirements that are based on acceptance of the our product.

7. Any material ordered as an Evaluation and returned to B+B SmartWorx must be returned in resalable condition and with all manuals, hardware, disks, cables, etc. or additional restocking charges will be accessed to cover the cost to refurbish or replace missing parts.

8. Outbound freight charges on Evaluation orders are NOT credited if the unit is returned and the customer is responsible for the freight charges when returning the material to B+B SmartWorx. Orders can be sent on the customer’s shipping account with their preferred carrier if specified at the point of order.

9. B+B SmartWorx evaluation orders may be shipped from our stock of refurbished or open box inventory but will be in “as new” condition.

Any questions related to this policy should be directed to your B+B SmartWorx representative.