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Products & Support Software

Product Datasheet User's Guide Certificates Firmware Software
Cellular and Wired
SmartFlex (Spectre v3 LTE – ERT)
ER75i v2
UR5i v2 Libratum
LR77 v2 Libratum
UR5i v2
LR77 v2
XR5i v2 E
XR5i v2 F
Support Software for Cellular and Wired routers
Intelligent Modems
GSM key GSMAdmin
GSM/JAVA Communicator CGK5 ModemWin
GPRS modem CGU 04i ModemWin
Datalogger DA4 ModemWin
CDA 70 ModemWin
CDX 800 ModemWin
ModemWin ModemWin
I/O modules CIO ModemWin
UR5 v2
Expander CDE7
CME8 ModemWin
UCR11 v2
CR10 v2
Bivias v2
Spectre 3G      
Spectre RT      
Spectre LTE-AT      
Spectre LTE-VZ      


User Modules & Custom Applications

User Module Name & Description Application Note Module Download
Enhance Hardware
Band Select – adjust the portfolio of frequency bands supported on the router
GPS - allows your router to provide location and time information in all weather
WM-BUS Concentrator – allows your router to receive messages from wireless M-BUS meters
Enhance Software
Captive Portal - provides on routers functioning as a standard Wi-Fi hotspot
Cumulocity - support of cloud-based subscription service
Daily Reboot - scheduled daily router reboot
Ethernet Port Detector - detect physical disconnection of an Ethernet cable and drop eth0 interface
File Uploader - synchronizing files between the router and a remote device
GPRS Configuration - set the same GPRS/UMTS parameters
HTTP Authentication - add the process of authentication to a server
HTTP Banner - allows user to embed information banner
Modem Bonding - allows you to induce a communication model between several Conel routers
NMAP - TCP and UDP scan
NTRIP Client - more accurate location via NTRIP protocol
Packet Splitter - allows duplication of data flow to more targets
pduSMS - sending SMS messages in PDU
Pinger - manually or automatically verify the functionality of the connection
PoSConf - send the content of the memory card to a remote FTP server
Send Report - sending of System log and Report files to specified email address
SSH client - SSH client
TCP SYN Keep-Alive - check TCP connection to specified IP address
Protocol ALPHA-MODBUS – communications protocol with Mitsubishi ALPHA
WoL Gateway - eavesdrop on communication on the specified UDP port
Protocol Conversion
AT Modem Emulator - implementation of emulation telephone modem behavior
DNP3 Outstation - implementation of DNP3 protocol
Easy VPN Client - provides secure (encrypted) connection LAN
pppGateway - allows the router to establish connection via PPP
Protocol ALPHA-MODBUS - communications protocol with Mitsubishi ALPHA
Protocol BGP - implementation of routing protocol
Protocol IEC 101-104 - implementation of conversion IEC101-104 protocols
Protocol IS-IS - allows your router to use IS-IS protocol
Protocol MODBUS-RTUMAP - periodically read stored values from the buffer
Protocol MODBUS-TCP2RTU - convert protocol MODBUS TCP to protocol MODBUS RTU
Protocol NHRP - implementation of dynamic Multipoint VPN
Protocol OSPF - OSPF routing protocol available
Protocol PIM-SM - Protocol Independent Multicast
Protocol RIP - RIP routing protocol
Protocol SuiteHT - implementation of SuiteHt protocol
SCEP Client - implementation of Cisco System's Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol
Serial2TCP - allows connecting of the serial line device and TCP Server or Servers
Stunnel - allows the router to create an encrypted network tunnel
Transparent Mode - implementation of Transparent Mode
Security Enhancements
Advanced Security - ability to set the number of additional security features
Guest - restricts of configuration via the web interface
For Developers
Application programmer guide
Application guides - notes
Support of SNMP protocol