Software modifications: Make your cellular router operate like multiple pieces of equipment

It’s not enough to just go from wired to wireless for today’s industrial application challenges. Engineers are often asked to do much more, including connecting legacy networks and assets into more modern networks and linking up legacy data into modern Internet of things based dashboards in administration/management applications.

Sometimes it requires engineers to buy multiple pieces of hardware and sometimes it requires a significant amount of integration work just to get the data converted. In most cases, it is messy (as is much of what’s in the edge of the network).

  • Have you ever encountered a project/scenario where you needed to transmit your data wirelessly, but needed to first convert a protocol before you did so?
  • Or maybe you need to emulate a piece of legacy equipment that is difficult to find or incompatible with the rest of your application needs?
  • Or what if you just want to buy fewer pieces of equipment all-together?

With advancements in technology and quality builds, the right cellular routers can now help you save money on purchasing, and configuring, additional pieces of hardware and software.

How is this possible?

Through embedded simulation, integration and enhancement software.

Simplify/enhance most modern cellular applications

Each custom user application/module we’ve designed (or added from a customer’s design) has helped address a specific data networking need. You will notice right away that through this approach a cellular router can replace legacy dialup modems, connect serial equipment at remote sites, bridge a wide variety of data networking protocols and more.

For example: if you need to convert Modbus RTU protocol to Modbus TCP/IP and want to avoid purchasing and configuring a physical converter, you can use our MODBUS-TCP2RTU user module to allow our cellular router to simultaneously function as a Modbus Gateway between serial networks (RS-232/422/485) and Modbus masters on TCP/IP networks. Integration is seamless. (see image)

Software modifications: Make your cellular router operate like multiple pieces of equipment

How it works

If you’re looking to add a function not present in the standard cellular router’s firmware, all you need is a router with an embedded operating system platform like Linux.

At B+B Smartworx, we use a 100% open source Linux platform, one of the most proven customization platforms available. This allows for the creation of your own scripts so that you could fine tune your router to meet your unique application or monitoring requirements.

It is recommended to use the Linux OS for development, but it is not a requirement. You can also use C, C++ or Python language to develop the user module.

For operation, the router’s flash memory is reserved primarily for user modules and scripts, and it will not be overwritten by any firmware updates (which is an important aspect to consider when choosing a cellular router that allows custom scripting).

So if you have an application that presents a lot of opportunity for simplification and equipment cost reduction, or you want to future proof your application with a router that has the ability to adapt with time and need, be sure to consider the amount of CPU and memory available on the router, as this will have an impact on how many tailored applications you will be able to run simultaneously (it is very much possible to run multiple).

Download the full application programmer guide here.


50+ User modules already available

In some cases, we may already have the application you’re looking for. Browse through a selection of popular simulation, integration and enhancement applications below that are immediately available to use, and/or slightly modify for your application:

  • Hardware

  • Software

  • Protocol Conversion

  • Security

  • For Developers


Additional support available

Our technical support team will gladly answer your scripting questions and assist you with user module installations, setup, and activation. If you need more detailed information concerning software user modules for our routers please contact Advantech B+B SmartWorx technical support.

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