Buy a cellular router vs. build your own

We get this question more often than we expected. But, given we talk to engineers….and engineers love to build things; it probably shouldn’t be as big a surprise as we think.

In your objective to go from wired to wireless, why should you buy an industrial cellular router from a reputable manufacturer rather than build a minimally effective substitute? Here are four good reasons:

  1. A LINUX box may still require certification for the available/desired carrier in a particular region. That’s a deal breaker. Why? Not only does certification require multiple reviews, it also requires substantial application fees.
  1. A cellular card would never survive a remote or rugged location. It’s not designed for the environmental demands. So if you’re looking to set something and forget about it, hoping for a little maintenance as possible, this is also a deal breaker.
  1. The LINUX box (or whatever working operating system) would still require fundamental programming, requiring more time and investment. In addition, you would have to train others to provide support in the event you are unavailable.
  1. Your time is valuable.

But what if you’re looking to support a custom function not available in most routers? The majority of B+B Smartworx routers support LINUX scripting capability in the form of user applications/modules.

User applications/modules are developed to run special applications not present in standard router firmware. A user module application enlarges and complements the standard router functionalities.   You can use C/C++ or Python SDKs and cross compilers for easier module development.  

To learn more about our user modules, click here to see a list of available modules for free download. We also have a downloadable Application Programmer Guide available at the link as well.

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