Display and Information Systems

Display and Information Systems

When clients are paying for billboard advertising they expect flawless functionality. The advertising agency must make sure that all of the client’s requirements are met, and that the billboard is functioning correctly.  The exchange of various commercials, lighting and other information must be monitored, as well as any errors or breakdowns.  The same concerns apply to smaller multimedia advertising/commercial panels installed in places like supermarkets, as well as other variable information boards, like those used in traffic navigation systems.  Mobile GSM networking enables wireless communication and control for all of these applications.

Main application samples:

  • Monitoring of advertisement billboards and movable/mobile commercial panels
  • Video commercial system contents update
  • Information kiosks
  • Information and traffic navigation systems

Selected references

Sitour – tourist information system installed along mountain routes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (EDGE) Forelive – EDGE connection of devices using Bluetooth proximity marketing Road maintenance services of the capital city of Prague – radio network used for an emergency parking lot guidance system and information boards and panels