Cellular Routers Provide Security for Retail, Vending, and Kiosks

An ATM machine will let you withdraw money from your bank account, and another machine will let you give it to your local municipality to pay a parking ticket. Vending machines will sell you everything from coffee to tickets for public transportation. Machines sell gasoline and collect highway tools. One parking machine will issue you a time stamped parking card, and another will read the card, collect what you owe, and instruct the parking gate to open and let your vehicle pass through. All of these machines need data communications connections, and if there’s money inside they’ll be targets for criminal activity.

They also tend to be placed in locations that are convenient for the customer, rather than the network engineers who must provide the essential data connections.

Cellular routers can simplify things. They need no wired connection, although they can make use of wired connections when they are present, using the cellular data networks for automatic failover only. They provide plenty of bandwidth for security cameras, which are very useful features in machines that invite tampering. And they can be positioned anywhere there’s cellular service.

Cellular Success Story: Security for Remote ATMs

The money inside an ATM machine isn’t its only security risk. The data that travels back and forth between the central bank and the remote ATM is valuable as well. So cellular routers support robust security protocols. Examples include firewalls, IPSec (DES, 3DES, AES128, AES192, AES256, MD5, SHA1, DH2, DH5, pre-shared key, X.509), Open VPN (Compression – LZO, NAT Rules, Redirect Gateway, pre-shared secret, username / password, X.509), L2TP, GRE, GRE + IPSec . If he doesn’t mind appearing on video a criminal can break into an ATM and collect the cash. But he’ll have a much harder time breaking into the data stream.


  • Monitoring of vending and dispensing machines
  • Parking ticket machines, highway toll machines
  • Self-service gas stations
  • Information kiosks

Security For Retail Vending Kiosks