LTE Routers for Dynamic Traffic Control Systems

Traffic control agencies need the ability to update information at remote locations at a moment’s notice. Advertisers are demanding more flexibility in the digital signage that they rent, and they expect this equipment to function flawlessly. Transportation systems need to provide travelers with real time information at bus and trolley stops. Brick and mortar retailers look to compete with online shopping services by creating interactive, immersive in-store experiences that online stores can’t match. Digital signage is becoming ubiquitous, and it is often located in places where cable installations would be impractical or prohibitively expensive.

Fortunately, LTE routers can provide reliable, high bandwidth, wireless data communications anywhere there’s cellular service. Where mobility is required, cellular routers provide that as well.

LTE Success Story: Dynamic Traffic Control Systems 

Remote sensors can measure parameters like air temperature, road temperature, precipitation and wind speed to predict the formation of black ice. When provided with this kind of information, traffic engineers can make informed decisions about where and when to lower the speed limit.

Remote cameras can provide traffic engineers with additional information, telling them where to dispatch emergency vehicles. Remote signage can be used to alert drivers about traffic slowdowns, accidents, and available detours. But all of these devices need reliable, two way digital communications, and the need for trenching and cable installations can prevent traffic controllers from placing equipment in desired locations

LTE routers will establish reliable, high bandwidth network connections anywhere there’s cellular service. They support the transmission of anything from audio and video to email and images. They support modern security technologies and prevent unauthorized intrusion. They’ll connect with modern data networking equipment as well as legacy devices like RS-232 digital signs, thus protecting investments in older technologies.

Versatile and wireless, LTE routers simplify communications with remote locations and equipment while simultaneously providing them with enhanced capabilities.

LTE routers for dynamic traffic control systems